WELLNESS: Making Earth Day an Every Day Destination



Spring is underway, and with that our collective consciousness turns to Earth Day events being celebrated this month by millions. Closer to home, I welcome the occasional breeze when I pass a row of fragrant blooms potted around New York City amid the endless concrete and towering structures of steel and glass. On the same note, I simply want to encourage visitors to this blog to spend more than one day discovering ways to appreciate the wonders of our planet and make it a better place for generations to come.


Some, in fact, may find it easier to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle than face the bigger challenges at hand every day. Whether you’re into following trends or not, we share a common responsibility to pay attention to what’s happening in the environmental movement and on your local front. The political climate, particularly most legislative change, tends to bode well for big business (major corporations) but not so much for the average Joe or Jane. Don’t feel powerless, though. Counter it by living mindfully and don’t wasting precious time, money and energy on mindless distractions. Too much is at stake.


Earth Day 2014: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/capital-weather-gang/wp/2014/04/22/earth-day-2014-gorgeous-humbling-views-of-our-planet-from-space/

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