PHOTO: Dare to Walk Among ‘The Greek Monsters’ in Midtown Manhattan


The award-winning Beetroot Design Group brings to life ancient mythological creatures in the heart of Manhattan this summer. The Greek Monsters exhibition runs through July at the Onassis Cultural Center and it is free to the public daily (10 a.m.-8 p.m.). With a labyrinth of otherworldly beasts, striking figures and intriguing backstories to accompany the grand display in the Olympic Tower Atrium, you’ll stop in your tracks before racing to that originally intended destination for an adventure of epic proportion.

Beetroot, based in Thessaloniki, Greece, explains this exhibit exists as “elegant examples of the creativity of poets such as Homer and Hesiod; as strong evidence of the keen ancient Greek observations of the cosmos and their surroundings; as symbols of ethics, social life and philosophy; and as semiotic treasures that would greatly inspire the Western world.”

The New York installation marks the exhibit’s U.S. début. It also presents, according to Beetroot, the Greek monsters with their dual nature “as perpetrators and victims, as contemporary symbols of the movement against racism, generalization and exclusion, as significant philosophical attitudes and practices in contemporary design.”

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Onassis Foundation (USA):

Beetroot (Greece):


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