TV: Morgan Freeman’s Got Zombies on the Brain as Science Channel Hit Questions Everything


Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman launches into uncharted territory for its fifth season on the Science Channel, asking us to take zombies seriously. The Emmy-nominated, record-breaking series dissects the topic in-depth Wednesday night as the lines of science fiction and reality continue to blur. Did you know scientists have discovered pathogens that turn insects into the walking dead? New strains of viruses are attacking humans every day. Mathematicians have calculated the likelihood of surviving a zombie virus outbreak: the odds are not good. Neuroscientists are even discovering how easy it is to lose conscious control of our bodies.

Considering rabid interest in all things zombified, thanks in large part to shows like The Walking Dead, the notion of a zombie apocalypse isn’t so far-fetched. Freeman, who relishes his role as Through the Wormhole‘s host, makes a good point in his recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Our increasing dependence on technology can be scary, if it goes unchecked. “We don’t have to think, and that’s getting to be more and more the norm,”  the award-winning actor explains. “So I’m going to ask you to ask yourself and your readers: What, in fact, is a zombie, and are we becoming it?”

Tune in this week (June 25) for answers to all your burning questions. The lineup of new episodes for the popular show looks quite appealing to the inquiring mind.


Science Channel:

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