MUSIC: Manuel Gottsching’s Timeless Club Classic Ages Well


For those in need of a refresher course on electronic dance music’s early days of aural experimentation, I present E2-E4. Definitively in a class by itself, this seminal work is a priceless Paradise Garage anthem among anyone serious about House music, techno and all the offshoots. The genius, when played in entirety, lies within a minimalist aesthetic and emotive influence still undeniable decades later as we celebrate the hypnotic album’s 30th anniversary of its official release.

Always drawn to a good back story, I tuned in to FACT TV’s exclusive with the one and only Manuel Göttsching discussing E2-E4‘s origins. The Berlin native and prolific guitarist reveals what inspired him to go in a different direction as he explored various modes of instrumentation. Recorded in one take, the hour-long progressive album is named for the most popular opening chess move and it is subdivided into single tracks according to the stage of the song.

Since that fateful studio production in 1981, it has been sampled endlessly. To his surprise, E2-E4 has inspired generations of DJs, dancers and devotees, including a 1989 Balearic reboot by Sueño Latino. “It was a moment when everything was perfect,” Göttsching shares with FACT TV about its creation. But, “I never considered or I never composed it as a dance piece. And, the first time somebody told me it was played at clubs, I couldn’t believe it.”



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