ART: ‘Born in the Bronx’ Brings Visual Record of Hip-Hop’s Early Days to the West Village


Think you know Hip-Hop culture? Test that knowledge while taking in the full scope of Born in the Bronx: A Visual Record of the Early Days of Hip-Hop, an extensive tribute now showing at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise in the West Village. It ends this week, so don’t miss the chance to thumb through a bin filled with Afrika Bambaataa’s record collection (duplicates, of course) or check out Joe Conzo‘s acclaimed vintage prints from back in the day. And, there’s more detailing the vibrant history of an artistic phenomenon that continues to reach new heights and span the globe 40 years after its inception.

Remember those old-school ghetto jam flyers? Well, Born in the Bronx showcases the many designs of Buddy Esquire, called the “king of Hip-Hop flyers” in an NPR article earlier this year following his death. “Some of the most important surviving documents from that period were the party flyers,” the story notes. Other highlights from the exhibit include a grid of original cells from the animated sequences of Charlie Ahearn’s classic Wild Style.

Born in the Bronx, curated by Johan Kugelberg and exhibited by Boo-Hooray, runs through July 26.


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